Your brand is how you get people to care. It creates a connection between your business and your customers, allowing them to perceive the value of your offer.

When building a brand, it is essential to understand that it will be affected by hundreds of different interactions with your current and potential customers. These interactions are called brand touchpoints. Brand touchpoints are all those moments – which in hospitality businesses often occur in a different order – where the customer experiences your brand: a check-in, a phone call to book a table, etc. In addition to these, some interactions fall outside your four walls, namely digital touchpoints: from the website to social networks, to profiles on OTA sites.

Understanding that branding is more than a logo, more than marketing, and more than signage is fundamental because your brand is more than just a visual identity. However, the first point of contact your customers will have will be undoubtedly your logo and, in general, your visual identity. Therefore, your visual identity must be clear and consistent both online and offline, as it contributes to telling your story. Our approach allows us to create strong, consistent, and unique visual identities.


R Collection Hotels

A new image that interprets its iconic Italian attitude and unconventional vision.
Logo design, corporate video, digital guidelines for commercials and, last but not least, the booth at the Cannes ILTM Fair take shape from the new strategic positioning.

Hotel Sporting

The Hotel Sporting Family Hospitality, an elegant four-star structure made of wood and glass, is the typical kind of hotel where one would want to spend their holidays.

Grand Hotel Bristol

To inaugurate its new era as a five-star establishment and member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels Of The World network, the Grand Hotel Bristol in Rapallo needed a fresh identity and to offer its guests a new narrative.


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