The brand strategy is essentially the manifestation of your brand’s distinctive character. This encompasses how your brand positions itself in the market, its long-term vision, the mission it aims to accomplish, and the promise it makes to its customers. In other words, the brand strategy serves to create coherence and alignment between the brand’s appearance, the intended message, and the actions taken.

Your brand strategy allows you to understand how to differentiate from the competition as analyzing and defining the brand provide the awareness needed to identify the distinctive strengths of the brand. This process enables you to establish a deep connection with the desired audience, as it delves into who you are, what you do, how you do it, and, most importantly, why behind your actions.

This approach allows for communicating a clear and direct message, contributing to defining the brand’s identity and consolidating a position of positive reputation in the market to foster brand growth. Without a brand strategy in place, there is a risk of communicating in a way that is not suitable for your target, confusing their perception of your business. Your brand is the tool that allows you to distinguish yourself from competitors.


Grand Hotel Bristol

To inaugurate its new era as a five-star establishment and member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels Of The World network, the Grand Hotel Bristol in Rapallo needed a fresh identity and to offer its guests a new narrative.

R Collection Hotels

A new image that interprets its iconic Italian attitude and unconventional vision.
Logo design, corporate video, digital guidelines for commercials and, last but not least, the booth at the Cannes ILTM Fair take shape from the new strategic positioning.

Le Carillon Portofino

The bay of Paraggi, renowned for its crystal-clear emerald waters and the enchanting beauty of its colors, has always been an international luxury tourism icon.


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